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Have a business idea, but you’re not sure where to start?  This is a common feeling entrepreneurs have when starting up a business. Through our online webinars, one-on-one consulting and virtual conferences, we are committed to helping you prepare and launch your business venture.

The Minds Behind Yantern

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Russell Stein

Raised in a Deaf family in New York, Russell Stein obtained his Business Management degree from Gallaudet University. After working under Relay America and then the Communication Service for the Deaf, he gained the experience he needed to begin the consulting business. He is also a dynamic speaker giving presentations.

• Co-Founded Hapa & Stein, Inc (Consulting) in 2007

• Co-Founded ASLWave (Video Relay Service) in 2010

• Co-Founded Mozzeria (Pizzeria) in 2011

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Melody Stein

Born to a family of entrepreneurs in Hong Kong, Melody Stein gets her inspiration from her father’s business ventures. As a Deaf entrepreneur, her dream of running a restaurant came true when Mozzeria was launched in San Francisco in 2011.

• Co-Founded Hapa & Stein, Inc (Consulting) in 2007

• Co-Founded Mozzeria (Pizzeria) in 2011

Media + News


The founders of Mozzeria established this Neapolitan pizzeria in San Francisco to provide job opportunities for the Deaf community.

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Biz Ability

Yantern is featured in a Biz Ability article, a website aiming for employment in the disabled community.

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NBC News

Technology is utilized by Deaf people to assist them in a hearing-centric world.

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CBS News

Mozzeria is featured on CBS News as one of the top pizzerias in San Francisco.

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The success story of Mozzeria is featured in a "Munchies" episode.